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Be Part of the CHANGE

Code to Success offers many opportunities for students, adults, community and business leaders to get involved. Below are several opportunities to get involved.



Are you still in high school? Have you graduated from the Code to Success program already, but want to be involved in future programs?

Apply to be a Peer Mentor with the Code to Success program! You will work closely with students to guide them through the program, as well as working with a team of other mentors and facilitators.

Peer Mentors receive compensation as well as access to the latest curriculum.


Are you currently attending a college, university, or technical school? Do you want to gain job experience and internship credit? Apply to be a College Mentor to help students within the Code to Success program.

In addition to working with the students on the curriculum, you can also share your experience with them regarding your higher education experience, the scholarships available, and show students a pathway after high school.

College mentors will receive compensation as well as access to the latest curriculum.



Are you a working professional within the technology industry? Do you have skills and expertise that would be beneficial for students to know?

Well, come be a Business Mentor at one of our Code to Success campuses during our summer program! Business Mentors visit a campus once a week for an hour to talk with students about their company, industry, experiences, and projects they are working on.

This is a perfect opportunity to show students what is available in the local community as far as career opportunities and tips to get into industry. Choose a campus closest to your home and work so it is convenient for you!


Are you the Executive Director or CEO of your organization? Have you had significant experience within the technology industry, nonprofit, or government? We would love to have you be a virtual guest speaker with Code to Success program!

You will visit one of our Code to Success campuses where we will virtually broadcast you to all our students in Utah, Idaho, and Michigan.

You will have the chance to speak to thousands of students interested in the field of computer science -including coding, business, marketing, and interests. The speaking engagement is approx. 30 minutes of who you are, your organization, your experience within the industry or sector, and end with a Q&A from our Code to Success campuses.

Start your own Program

Can’t find what your looking for or are you interested in starting your own Code to Success program? Learn how by clicking on the link below.