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Jr High & High School Students
Advanced Courses and Certifications

Advanced course options and certifications are available

Our advanced courses and certifications are for students who pass Coding Foundations and want to venture off in the world in coding. Below are the several courses and certifications we offer. For more information email us for pricing and structure on these options.


Full Stack Development

Utilizes both front-end and back-end portions of an application. This web development process involves all three layers: Presentation layer(front-end or user interface), Business Logic layer(back-end or data-validation) and the Database layer.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Foundations

This course provides a detailed overview of cloud concepts, AWS services, security, architecture, and support. It is the pre-requisite for all other AWS curriculum options and allows students industry exposure to the skills needed as a Cloud Practitioner.

Learning objectives include cloud economics and billing, global infrastructure, cloud security, networking and content delivery as well as computing, storage, and database work flow. Students will be introduced to cloud architecture and automated scaling and monitoring in preparation for the industry specific AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.

Note: high school and college credit is not offered for this course. This course is free during our summer program.

Cyber Security

The goal of this course is to provide a basic and broad overview of cybersecurity, helping the student to understand correct and safe online behavior and increase their interest in cybersecurity and careers in the cybersecurity workforce.

In this course, we will explore various cybersecurity topics to include networking and network security tools, cryptography (ciphers, keys, digital signatures, hashes, encryption protocols, etc.), hacking basics (network reconnaissance and scanning, password cracking, and exploiting web application vulnerabilities), and the legal and ethical considerations of cybersecurity activities.

Note: high school and college credit are not offered for this course. The Cybersecurity course does have a $250 fee.

Software Engineering: Quality and Automation

Introduces students to the world of Software Testing and Automation. In this course, you will be introduced to key concepts, like Software Testing, but we will be doing so with actual code, tests, and automation.

Explore the understanding of what software testing does in industry as well as automation engineering or (SDET) and the importance of software product development.

Learn foundational principles around human-centric automated testing, python programming, automated testing basics and best practices around tests that drive better decision, design, and ultimately better code.

Companies work tirelessly to find the right people with these specialized skillsets to make sure their technology works and accelerates their products and services. The QA course is free during the summer program.


The goal of Esports (competitive video gaming) is to bring students together to compete on a friendly stage while growing workplace skills and interest in not only the gaming industry, but in the computer science industry as well. Students will be exposed to many opportunities as well as industry representatives while they have fun moving forward on their career path. WIth college athletic scholarships for Esports now a reality, this will offer students another opportunity at post secondary education. Esports is not just about playing video games. Students learn very important life and workplace skills as they compete on a team; skills like collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, and very important communication skills. Esports is also a gateway to other learning opportunities within the Video game industry such as programming, game design, and IT/networking just to name a few. Esports will give students a fun and safe environment to compete in an area of interest that they already love, while developing an interest in a rewarding career path.